Takumi joins the Acrotec Group

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Pursuing its strategy of industrial and geographical diversification, the Acrotec Group strengthens its MedTech division by acquiring the Irish company Takumi.

Develier (Switzerland), July 22, 2022. After the acquisition of Team-Metal in Singapore last April, the Acrotec Group is consolidating the strengthening of its international MedTech division with the purchase, concluded on July 19, of Takumi, a company based in Limerick, in the province of Munster in the south of Ireland. Founded in 1998, Takumi is recognized as a leading CNC precision engineering company. It currently employs 120 people at its Raheen Industrial Estate facility. It manufactures precision parts for highly regulated industries such as medical devices, aerospace, semiconductor and pharmaceutical. Takumi’s products include orthopaedic implants and instruments, as well as a range of cardiovascular support systems and assembly aids.

“Culture is an essential cornerstone of any successful business. Acrotec’s values, such as its entrepreneurial spirit, respect, integrity and independence, are a perfect fit for Takumi, said Donal Galligan, CEO of Takumi. Our own values of expertise, competence, forward thinking, agility and focus will go a long way in supporting Acrotec’s principles. This is an exciting new step in Takumi’s history and so we look forward to joining the Acrotec family.”

Ireland is home to more than 300 companies in the medical technology sector and many of Takumi’s medical technology customers are U.S. multinationals with European headquarters near Takumi in the Limerick area.

“This geo-strategic positioning was a key factor in our decision, explains François Billig, CEO of the Acrotec Group. This Irish region plays the role of an industrial bridge between Europe and the United States in the MedTech field and Takumi has a solid reputation and industrial expertise that attracted us. This is great news for Acrotec and I would like to thank Takumi’s management for their confidence and enthusiasm in joining us.”

Gerry Reynolds, chairman and founder of Takumi, agrees: “I am very excited about this next step in the Takumi journey. I am confident that Takumi will thrive and grow as part of the Acrotec family of companies. Our culture will be maintained and we will continue to create value for our customers and shareholders while ensuring that Takumi remains a rewarding and fulfilling place to work.”

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Fiona Murphy – Phone: +353860613861 – Email : fiona.murphy@takumiprecision.com

Mr. Stephan Post – Phone: +41 22 308 62 34 – Email: spo@dynamicsgroup.ch

About the Acrotec Group: Acrotec is an independent group created by micromechanics professionals. Its main objective is to be a reference subcontractor, offering a wide range of manufacturing processes for precision components. Its strategy is to provide “Swiss-made” quality products to the entire watch and jewellery industry, the medical industry, as well as to the automotive, electronics and aeronautical sectors. Acrotec is distinguished by its extensive expertise, cooperatively, in precision machining (CNC turning, CNC multi-spindle turning, cam turning, 3 & 5-axis milling, micro-turning, transfer and machining of precious metals), by supporting processes (surface treatment, cutting, assembly, heat treatment, finishing, micro welding and micro cutting) and by specific processes (UV-Liga component production, wire erosion/sinking, synthetic stone machining, rolling, spring forming, machine and tool production and silicon engraving – DRIE). The Group currently employs 2,400 people. www.acrotec.ch

About Takumi: Founded in 1998, Takumi is a leader in CNC precision engineering. It currently employs 120 people at its Raheen Industrial Estate facility in Limerick. It manufactures precision machined components for the medical device, aerospace, semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. Takumi, whose name comes from the Japanese word for “craftsman,” has invested heavily in recent years, expanding its factory to 45,000 ft² and spending more than €7 million on new machine tools and CAM software to strengthen its leadership position in Ireland. Takumi’s products include orthopaedic implants and instruments, as well as a range of cardiovascular support systems and assembly aids. It supports its customers through the complete manufacture of components or by subcontracting the machining of elements of a customer’s production process. In the aerospace sector, this activity is complemented by the machining of aluminium wing, support and fuselage components, seat components and engine peripherals. In addition, electrical, electronic, mechanical and optical engineering parts are supplied to the industrial precision machining sector. Takumi’s state-of-the-art machining capabilities include more than 40 CNC machines ready to produce the most complex components using optimized manufacturing yields. www.takumiprecision.com