EAG use the power of the collective to deliver reduced supply chain administration, increased capabilities and capacity and access to R&D facilities for solutions focused results.


Over €68 million turnover


Team of over 600 staff


Over 270 machine tools


Over 27,000m2 Production space


Over 225 year of industry experience


“Together with our customers, the Emerald Aero Group is driven to meet and exceed customer requirements.  In supplying manufacturing solutions at all levels of the supply chain, the Emerald Aero group is driven to nurture long lasting professional partnerships based on mutual trust and profitability.”


Our vision comes to life as 11 companies with diverse yet complimentary range of skills, expertise and capabilities combine our greatest resources to achieve the otherwise impossible solutions for our clients. We collaborate to generate competitive advantage.

Who are Emerald Aero?

Emerald Aero is a cluster of Irish companies seeking to internationalise their businesses. We market ourselves collectively, by attending trade shows and engaging pathfinders, through combining resources under the Emerald umbrella.

Our Capabilities

Collectively Emerald Aero deliver precision engineering, plastics moulding, tooling, 3 D printing, fabrication, surface treatment, thermoforming and Multi-Axis CNC.

Customer Benefits of Working with Emerald Aero

We meet and exceed customer requirements by working with you, our customers to give you the following benefits.


  • Savings in time and money across supply chain management
  • Access to R&D capabilities across plastics and precision engineering
  • Faster lead time
  • Agility of capabilities and capacity giving you more flexibility
  • State of the art digitisation, giving transparency and real time access to job tracking and progress at any stage of the process

Customer Benefits

There are many great benefits to working with emerald aero group.

EAG Capabilities Offering

Ethos of Emerald Aero

Emerald Aero operate on the basis that we are stronger together. This concept is derived from Irish tradition, taken from our deep heritage in supporting each other to overcome challenges. The tradition is called “Meitheal”.

Meitheal is an Irish term which describes how neighbours and friends would come together to assist in the harvesting of crops or other tasks at busy times. The extra support at these times coupled with a variety of skills and tools made the job of harvesting more efficient for the farm.

Strong and close relationships, built on trust, sharing of tools and capabilities and knowledge sharing between neighbours and friends was and is at the very heart of the success of Meitheal.

Meitheal tradition harvest time
Leaning on Tradition

The Emerald Aero cluster member companies have genuine and strong relationships. Members have worked together collectively since 2014. The sharing of knowledge and combined digitisation system has been created based on the sharing of our best practices, all coming together as one. Our commitment to each other, and you the customer is what allows us to deliver real and tangible benefits that matter most to our customers.

  • Speed of lead times
  • Reduced supply chain administration
  • Increased capabilities and capacity
  • Access to R&D capabilities for a solutions focused result
  • Agility of capabilities

Emerald Aero Cluster History

Emerald Aero was established in 2017 by a number of owner managers of Engineering SME’s in the Midwest region. The cluster has a specific purpose of enhancing aerospace manufacturing export revenue and growing aerospace business in the Republic of Ireland. The cluster is member led and supports both member companies and Enterprise Ireland under the Regional Enterprise Development Fund. The cluster continues to grow year on year, securing international business, and building collaboration partnerships to achieve one common goal. 

How Emerald Works for a Customer

Our dedicated and local pathfinder team meet with you the customer to identify your needs and requirements.  They revert to the Emerald Aero cluster with your requirements. Emerald Aero members meet to discuss and analyse your requirements and revert with the best possible solution to meet your needs. One company will then take the lead, as your one point of contact to deliver your specific solution to best match your needs. Based on the “Meitheal” tradition, you the customer will have one point of contact to access the following services precision engineering, plastics moulding, tooling, 3 D printing, fabrication, surface treatment, thermoforming and Multi-Axis CNC all from one contact.

Case Studies

Case Study Company A - US
Case Study Company B
Case Study Company C - Northern Ireland
Case Study Company C (UK)

Working Groups

Operations group

Our operations group meeting quarterly and drives peer learning across best practices, certification, digitisation and lean processed.

Finance group

The finance group is headed by the financial controllers within member companies. They ensure that prices are competitive and our companies are working towards achieving economies of scale.

Marketing group

Our senior marketing team managers attend monthly meetings to ensure that industry best practices are shared, all companies have a unified focus and the Emerald Aero focus of customer first is central to all communication.

Diversity group

A new initiative in 2020, our diversity group ensures that equal opportunities are provided for all employees across all member companies. Particular attention is paid to training, up skilling and supporting the female members of our workforce.

Want to know more?

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