A massive congratulations to Emerald Aero Group member Realtime Technologies Ltd on the success of their Réaltra Space Systems Engineering division! Réaltra has been chosen by ArianeGroup to collaborate in developing the telemetry kit for the launch of the Ariane6 launch vehicle.

The contract between Réaltra and ArianeGroup was signed on the evening of Monday 11th December at the Residence of France in Dublin, in the presence of Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Neale Richmond and H. E. Mr Vincent Guérend, Ambassador of France to Ireland.

The GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) telemetry system has been developed by Réaltra and manufactured by Realtime Technologies Ltd. in Dublin for ArianeGroup and is designed to provide accurate and reliable positioning information and is intended to fly as an autonomous experimental system on the first launch of Ariane 6 in 2024, to validate the GNSS functionality in space at high speeds. It leverages advanced satellite navigation technology to ensure precise positioning, velocity, and timing measurements.

The Réaltra GNSS hardware will be located on the upper stage of the Ariane 6 rocket and will acquire data from the Galileo fleet of satellites. Galileo is a state-of-the-art European system which provides highly accurate global positioning and very precise timing. Galileo can deliver real-time positioning accuracy down to the metre range for users on the ground, in the air and in space. The Réaltra built GNSS system will receive signals from these satellites and convert this data before transmitting vital information about the launch vehicle to the operators on the ground.

This contract will support an increase in high-quality employment in design, engineering and manufacturing roles based in Dublin and in the supply chain companies located around Ireland.

(via Realtra.space)

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