Future Mobility Ireland, located in Ireland’s Limerick-Shannon metropolitan area, is leading the charge towards a future of smarter, safer, and more sustainable transportation solutions for both people and goods.

Departing from conventional profit-driven approaches, FMCI operates on a collaborative basis, emphasizing the exploration of potential and the pursuit of possibilities in future mobility. It offers advanced testbed facilities set in real-world environments, providing a platform for technology companies, software developers, and researchers to refine their innovations. This collaborative ecosystem, with a focus on advancing Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) vehicles, brings together expertise and resources to propel progress in mobility.

Situated in County Clare, the facility features a network of roads equipped with cutting-edge sensing and telecommunication technologies, managed by a dedicated control center. FMCI serves as a hub for testing and validating mobility solutions under genuine conditions, empowering stakeholders to experiment and innovate with confidence.

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