Future Plastics win seating contract using their new Kydex Infused Imaging technology

by Sep 18, 2021aerospace, news0 comments

EAG member Future Plastics secured a contract to supply 180 different plastic part numbers for use on an first class seating program. The parts include intricate thermoformed components that are moulded from Kydex infused imaging sheet materials.
The design team at Future Plastics recognised that the Kydex Infused Imaging
Technology offered boundless design options that could lead to a bespoke passenger experience. The is imagery embedded in the material so it does not chip, fade, or delaminate the way capped and traditionally printed images can, which means strong durability in high-contact areas of an aircraft cabin.

For the full story on this read the original post on the ADS Digital Cabin site where you can experience the Future Plastic products in a 3D environment.